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Handmade Nails 2443

Handmade Nails 2443

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10 pcs Press-on nails

24 pcs Sticky pads

1 Nail file

1 Cuticle pusher

1 Nail Glue

How to use:
Step 1 Push back your cuticles with cuticle pusher

Step 2 Lightly buff nails with nail file

Step 3 Dry up the nail with rubbing alcohol

Step 4 Choose a gel pad that fits your size and then apply the gel pad to your fingers

Step 5 Stick the gel pad 1mm away from your cuticle

Step 6 Put the nail slightly under your cuticles and press it firmly from the middle to the outside, press for 20 seconds

How to remove
1. Dont force or pull nails off.
2 Soak nails in the warm water for 2-3 minutes.
3 Find a small gap and gently push the cuticle pusher in the nails

These nails are custom made for nails
The picture is a model
Size: S.M.L
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